Future Tournament is the brainchild of Mr. Zakhele Twala the owner of Power United FC. Ekurhuleni is the best municipality in terms of providing opportunities for the youth through physical activities, internships, educational bursaries, and many other programs that empowers the youth.

We have identified a need for a football tournament in our local community area [Mapleton Boksburg for the youth especially between the ages of l4-l7 years. Our target market is the local community and we want to encourage spectators to come out in numbers to show support and give encouragement to the youth.

Future Tournament’s focus is on a youth development program for young men ages 14 – 1-7 years old. Over the last 25 years, the sport has become more global, gained more fans, and presented opportunities for greater development than ever before. Researchers have indicated that a sponsor investing in youth sport is improving the health and productivity of the nation.


0ur vision is to develop high performance talent and encourage young soccer enthusiasts to become professional footballers. In so doing they can achieve goals and objectives through sport


To actively engage and encourage our youth to be responsible citizens in the community.


Developing high performance talent and assisting youth to become professional footballers. Keeping the youth off the streets and in so doing, reducing crime, and alcohol and drug abuse. Generate funds that will be used to help underprivileged youth with school uniforms and stationery. Emphasizing the importance of balancing education and football. Creating a winning community through sports excellence.

Inspire Young Talent

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